“Real-Sound” Phono Equalizer REQ-S1EX

  • A phono equalizer with extremely simple circuit configuration making full use of the latent ability of latest operational amps close to the ideal amplifier.
  • Most important portion of the high gain amplifier circuitry like as phono EQ , the initial stage receiving the output from a cartridge incorporates separate operational amps, most suitable for MC and MM cartridges for seeking highest sound quality of each types.
  • An ultra low-noise, high-gain “bipolar-input operational amp” is used for MC cartridges with low-voltage, low-impedance outputs, while a high input impedance and high-performance audio circuitry “FET-input operational amp” is used for MM cartridges with high-voltage, high impedance outputs.

“CR Equalizer” in Pursuit of “Real-Sound” Faithful Reproduction of Rich Information Contained in Analog Vinyl LPs

  • Thanks to the latest ultra low-noise, high-gain operational amps, we could adopt “CR equalizer”,
    it has basically a minimum number of exclusively passive devices and excellent phase characteristics.
  • Because of its simple circuit configuration, the sound
    character of each passive devices used in the CR equalizer determines the final sound quality of the phono equalizer.
  • REQ-S1EX employs two types of highest quality
    “oil filled capacitor” custom-made by Arizona Capacitors, Inc. featuring different tonal character and “mica capacitors” with ultimate sound quality.
  • They contribute to the straight, highly transparent, information-rich sound quality of the “Real-Sound phono equalizer”.