Advantages of Class-D Amplifier

  • The Class-D amp has almost triple higher efficiency and power saving compared to traditional semiconductor amps.
  • The Class-D amp can easily bring out power in an instant. The change of the PWM switching timing can vary the out put power without delay factor and an excellent reproduction of music.
  • The Class-D amp transfers energies in two directions. The counter-electromotive forces from the speakers are regenerated to the power supply so that speaker drive faithful to the original signal is possible.
  • The Class-D amp has excellent linearity.

Our “Real-Sound” Class-D Amplifier RSA-F33EX,M3EX,V1EX and 717EX

  • The performance of a Class-D amp depends on “ how it can implement highly accurate PWM switching”. For this purpose, we adopted the solutions of International Rectifier. in USA, including the Direct FET, as final power stage a product typically manifesting IR’s power control device develop capability and a high-voltage withstanding driver IC with excellent time axis control enabling the clean switching based on the latest MOS FET technology.
  • Finding almost intuitively the future of audio in these IR solutions, we decided to bet on the possibility of full use of the excellent devices.