We are pleased to announce the release of the highly-requested, low-frequency dedicated model.

Real Sound Processor


(2 units/set)

Scheduled to be released in late April

リアルサウンド DAコンバーター RMP-DAC1

The Real Sound Processor is an audio accessory for better sound quality by absorption of back electromotive force, and the correction of impedance fluctuations, that are detrimental to sound quality between the amplifier and speakers.  

Main Features

Absorption of back electromotive force of the speakers

Amplifiers and speakers affect each other.
Changes in the music signal cause the impedance of the speakers to fluctuate. 
When the amplifier sends the music signal to the speakers, this impedance fluctuation becomes a troublesome load for the amplifier.
Back electromotive force generated by the speakers’ voice coil interferes with the production of natural, “pleasing to the ear” sound.
The Real Sound Processor compensates for this impedance fluctuation, which is detrimental to sound quality, and absorbs back electromotive force. This allows the amplifier and speakers to break free from each other's influence, allowing the speakers to be driven by the amplifier as they should be.

Specially-made structure of the body

After a thorough examination of the internal electronic components, walnut wood was used for the wood case. By making good use of the slightly hard material of walnut, a firm and stable low frequency range can be enjoyed.


Impedance of the speaker 10Ω or less is desirable.
Maximum amplifier output 1 kW or less is desirable.
External Dimensions Width 100 mm / Height 85 mm / Depth 117 mm
Weight Approx. 360g (1 unit)
Appearance Walnut veneer, Branding iron, Urethane coating
Packing Contents Main unit x 2, Polishing cloth x 1, Instruction manual/Warranty x 1

* Speaker cords are not included.
* Specifications and appearance are subject to change/improvement without notice.


Specialized Case for RSP-W1EX

(2 units/set RSP-W1-CEX)

A specialized stacking case (sold separately) is available in consideration of use with the RSP-W1EX.
When used in combination with the Real Sound Processor, a wider bandwidth effect can be realized. 

External Dimensions Width 115 mm / Height 146 mm / Depth 105 mm
Weight Approx. 225g (1 unit)

* The photo shows the RSP-W1EX and RSP-AZ9 built into RSP-W1-CEX.
* Specifications and appearance are subject to change /improvement without notice.