Natural and fine expression

Real-Sound Amplifier


Powerful bass and lively expression

Real-Sound Amplifier


The Spec V-series invites you to a premium seat at a concert. The realistic sound is the most beautiful.

Sound taste of V series amplifiers

Two types of V series are based on a natural and speedy sound. And each model has a different sound taste.

RSA-V21 in black color
RSA-V10 in silver color

Natural and speedy sound
Fine signal expressiveness in the mid-high range
Neutral and all-round sound.

The warm yellow ring lights up beautifully.

RSA-V11 in all black color

Natural and speedy sound
Powerful and clear bass
Lively expression

An amplifier is a musical instrument

Like a resonance board for stringed instruments, basswood and spruce resonate with the music signal, producing an energetic timbre.

Maple gently supports the amplifier chassis.

Capacitor blending

Capacitors have various characteristics depending on individual parts. Then, we are constantly researching and developing capacitors. From among them, SPEC installed the most suitable parts for those amps.


An internal image before attaching the shield case

The black panel and black wood are the first designs in the SPEC.


Maximum output 100 W × 2 (4Ω), 50 W × 2 (8Ω)
Speaker Impedance 4Ω-16Ω
Frequency response 10 Hz - 30 kHz ±1dB
Line input terminals XLR input: 1 RCA inputs:3
Power voltage 230V AC, 50 Hz/60Hz
External dimensions 440 mm (width) × 120 mm (height) × 414 mm (depth)
Weight 14.5 kg