Mica Capasitors


In pursult of sound that is as transparent as the blue heaven...
Mica capacitors long awaited by the tube amp buffs.


Large-Capacitance, High-Quality Mica Capacitors

In pursuit of sound that is as transparent as the blue heaven...
Mica capacitors long awaited by the tube amp buffs.

With flat response without irregularities all over the bandwidth, limitlessly clear high tones and gorgeous mid-to-high tones, the MC-DA Series boast the highest sound quality among the signal capacitors.


The MC-DA Series can improve the sound quality of your tube amp radically by being connected in parallel with another capacitor, mainly the coupling capacitor, or with the bypass capacitor of the cathode. When the MC-DA Series is connected similarly in parallel with the condenser of a speaker network, it allows the speaker unit to reproduce rich, realistic sound quality by manifest its full performance. The series include four models with large capacitances that have recently been hardly available (tolerance: ±5%).

Dielectric material (Ruby mica of the highest quality)

The ruby mica is a kind of muscovite, a precious natural mineral originally blessed with characteristics suitable for use as an inductive material such as an extremely stable temperature coefficient and an excellent dielectric strength voltage. The MC-DA Series employs ruby mica of the highest quality produced near Giridih, India. It is built with a laminated construction to minimize the inductance component so the capacity does not change at all until the high-frequency domain of the megahertz class.

Features of the MC-DA Series

1) The dielectric material uses ruby mica of the highest quality totally. Silver paste for use as electrodes is printed on both sides of each mica sheet to become a silvered mica sheet, which is known as a symbol of high-quality mica offering very high sound quality. The dielectric material is composed of several silvered mica sheets that are laminated carefully by human hand.

2) The MC-DA Series does not use any magnetic material that could make the sound dull including lead wires. Accordingly, the metallic holder that locks the laminated dielectric material and caulks the lead wires from the electrodes is made of tin-plated brass plates .

3) The lead wires are soldered on the metallic holder using the Kester 44, which is a USA-made solder highly evaluated in professional use for the high reliability as well as for the sound quality.

4) Unlike ordinary dip mica capacitors, the capacitor body is sealed in the resin case using epoxy resin. This design dumps the vibrations produced when voltage is applied to the inductor material and electrodes to allow you enjoy the original high sound quality of the mica capacitors.


  Width x Height x Thickness Lead wire diameter
MC-103DA 0.01μF / 500VDC 20.5 x 20.5 x 7.0mm 1.0mm
MC-223DA 0.022μF / 500VDC 20.5 x 20.5 x 7.0mm 1.0mm
MC-473DA 0.047μF / 500VDC 32.0 x 30.0 x 11.5mm 1.0mm
MC-104DA 0.10μF/ 500VDC 42.5 x 32.0 x 14.0mm 1.2mm

* Due to improvements the above specifications and external appearance may be changed without notice.