Volume Controller


For SPEC Pure Direct Connection


We have offered a new concept for preamplifiers and power amplifiers.
In the past, conventional systems used a preamplifier to adjust the volume of the signal from the source before feeding it to a power amplifier. Because power amplifiers possess high levels of gain, for normal listening , the input level to the power amplifier must reduced significantly. However, this increases the likelihood of losing some of the nuances in the signal.
To deal with this, SPEC power amplifiers feature an analog electronic attenuator immediately ahead of the power stage able to take high signal levels from source devices and able to adjust the volume by the external control signal.

An electronic volume is embedded in all of the SPEC power amplifier. The wires connected to the controller only carry control signals, not audio signals. Thus, the audio signal is kept pure.


The H-VC5 has three control outputs, so it can control three amplifiers simultaneously.

SPEC PUER DIRECT and Bi- Amping Connection

Because a minute signal is an important element for tone expression, PUER DIRECT CONNECTION using Volume Controller allows us to reproduce realistic and beautiful tone.

Wooden boxed H-VC1000 for RPA-VC1000

Highly durable / reliable selector body also used in our high-end amplifires.

Selector connection assay incorporating selector body