Excellent expression of overtone components.

Wood insulator

H-K3(1 set of 3 pieces)
H-K4(1 set of 4 pieces)

ウッド・インシュレーター H-K3 / H-K4

It is an insulator carved from the solid wood of Itaya maple wood used for SPEC REAL-SOUND Amplifier.

Main features

  • The Itaya maple wood from Hokkaido, Japan is excellent for expressing the overtones of music.
  • Solid wood of Φ60 mm is a rare natural wood.
  • It is recommended for insulators of all audio equipment such as amplifiers.
  • H-K4 x 2 pairs are recommended for speaker insulators.


External dimensions Φ 60mm, 30mm (H)
Mass 60g (1piece)