Under seat for analog record player

Analog Disc Sheet


reproduces a more realistic tone

Analog Disc Sheet AP-UD1

Main features

This is the lacquer disk that is used as an original disk to produce a record, also known as vinyl, from a two-track, 38-inch tape. This original disk is used for cutting grooves on a record from a vinyl-pressing machine. Then, vinyl is cast into the mold and a convex disk is created as a master to produce approximately 1000 records.
Actually, the original manufacturer has not granted the permission of producing the lacquer disk. Therefore, we have commercialized this model by asking another manufacturer to produce this disk. This production has no mirror-like luster because it is sandblasted twice, making the lacquer surface a little thinner. The first sandblasting is performed with fine sand and the second sandblasting is sprayed with a vinyl tip for the cutting process. We are the exclusive seller of this item made in Nagano Prefecture.
There are various record sheets on the market, but the hardness becomes a problem when the needle is dropped on the surface of a record. Rubber, cloth, and felt sheets are soft and have high sound absorption, resulting in softer sounds. This AP-UD1 model has great fidelity just like a master disk, and produces realistic and vibrant sound.

disc seat jacket


External dimensions Diameter 305 mm, Thickness 1.6 mm
Mass 337g