SPEC's passion for wood materials!

Audio Board

AC-L1M / AC-S1M / AC-L1H

A variety of materials such as wood, metal and stone is used for audio boards.
Each material has its own characteristics, which can change sound quality, so it is important to know that they can meet one’s sensitivities and preferences.
SPEC commercializes our products with the best materials after we conduct much audio testing. Maple wood is generally native to North America, and painted maple [Acer mono] is native to Japan. It is said that there are more than two hundred species of maple. Maple wood is used for the neck of violins and cellos, and it plays a role of gradually attenuating the sound in response to the playing. Maple does this attenuation quite naturally, so the overtones can sound warm and comfortable. Our amplifier is called “the amplifier of realistic sound”, due to the fact that SPEC carefully checks materials used for musical instruments, and then selects the best materials for our products.



The sensation of freedom and the sound of overtones that are conveyed by the high-quality maple wood brings out artistic qualities, and musical expressions are dramatically enhanced. With moderate vibration control, the salient feeling of distance and strength of the orchestra's instruments can be expressed realistically.

Materials Made from laminated maple wood / urethane coating
External dimensions 450mm(width)×405mm(depth)×25mm(height)
Weight 2.5 Kg


Slender model of the AC-L1M

Materials Made from laminated maple wood / urethane coating
External dimensions 365mm(width)×405mm(depth)×25mm(height)
Weight 2 Kg


Made from walnut hardwood, the same wood as used for drumsticks.
The material has great vibration-reducing properties, and is highly effective in tightening low frequencies and enhancing sound articulation. It has a good reputation for resolution and speed, and is perfect for speaker and amplifier bases.

Materials Made from laminated hickory / urethane coating
External dimensions 485mm(width)×480mm(depth)×25mm(height)